Lean Testing for C++

You are coding – also in C++. You regularly perform unit tests. You are sometimes unsure whether you have tested enough or too much. Take a look at this book, you will find many suggestions for your daily work!

“Lean Testing” stands for an approach that on the one hand takes into account all important test cases for testing the software, but on the other hand keeps the testing effort within a manageable framework. The appropriate middle way between too little and too much testing is discussed and discussed in each test case design procedure.
The test case design methods presented in this book are explained in concrete terms with the corresponding C++ program code and the respective test cases. If supporting tools are required, the authors describe their use. They provide useful information on the use of the test methods and provide guidelines for their use.
All test methods of the current ISO standard 29119 that are relevant for the unit test are presented and discussed in detail.
  • Test against the requirements
  • Static methods
  • Test design and test execution
  • Structure-based test methods
  • Experience-based testing
  • Software test standard ISO 29119
  • A guide to the use of the test methods
  • C++ properties to consider
 Target group:
  • Programmers who perform unit tests. The examples in C++ (all available for download at http://leantesting.de/) are very simple and can be easily transferred to other programming languages.
  • Testers who want to have a concrete implementation of test procedures down to the programming level.
  • Lecturers and students who want to systematically teach and learn testing.