Hans Schaefer

Hans Schaefer is an independent consultant in software testing in Norway. He is president of the Norwegian Testing Board. He has been consulting and teaching software testing methods since 1984. He organizes the Norwegian Special Interest Group in Software Testing for Western Norway. His work emphasis is on consulting, teaching, and coaching test process improvement and test design techniques, as well as reviews.

Andreas Spillner

Andreas Spillner is a professor of Computer Science at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

For more than ten years he was president of the German Special Interest Group on Software Testing, Analysis, and Verification. He is a past member of the German Testing Board. His interest are in software, quality assurance, testing, and object-oriented system development.

Tilo Linz

Tilo Linz is co-founder and managing director of imbus AG, a leading provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions for more than 20 years. He is founder of the German Testing Board and a founding member of the ISTQB, where he has contributed widely to the national and international promotion of education and training in this field. He is co-author of Software Testing Foundations (also published by
Rocky Nook and now in its 4th edition) – one of the most successful and widely-read books on the subject.